Want to find a work at home opportunity with inexensive start up cost?

tdangel30 asked:

I am trying to find a work from home opportunity where I can earn a little supplemental income, however I am looking for one with fairly low start up costs. Any suggestions? I am a stay at home mom during the day but work evenings and Saturdays. I am great with numbers and the computer.


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  1. AJ Says:

    Mary Kay. I am a Independent Beauty consultant and it only costs $100 to get your starter kit. You customize your hours and how much you put in decides how much your business provides. I really enjoy it. Contact me if you have any other questions.

  2. Jessy Says:

    I can give you information on ameriplan. Email me at or call me at 4235432594! The start up cost right now is just 20$! I am a real person making real money and I thought everything was a scam! I would be glad to share my experience with you.

  3. Charles97 Says:

    You can look on this web site and see the presentation to see if it right for you. Does not cost anything to join the presentation. It’s about 1 1/2hr in your own home. You need a computer and a phone. Go to this web site and schedule for time

    Business Partner Info Page:

    Webinar Schedule:

  4. joannbuttitta Says:

    Start Making $ Fast.I Searched for 5 Years and Finally This Makes me Real Money.
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  5. Ultimate Paintball Says:

    I am a titanium powerseller on Ebay to give you a little background so you know I am legit and know what I am talking about. There is a new business opportunity that just started a couple of months ago but has been in the works for over 3 years. It works with Ebay so you know it is legit. Ebay is a multi Billion dollar business and you now have the opportunity to be apart of that. Doesn’t cost much like a lot of home businesses only $29 per month. You earn up to $35 per new customer and up to 75% in commissions from Ebay just by giving out Free software. When they use the software your Ebay affiliate ID is embedded in the software and you get the commission – 100% of it. Plus 5 more ways to make money.

    I see this as being one of the next big home businesses since it is one of the first that uses Ebay. Most home businesses only last a couple of years but with the backing of Ebay I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t join this opportunity. I am already doing well making more money than the $29 so already in profit. I am a titanium powerseller so I let everyone know about the new free software and then I get paid anytime they buy something from Ebay even if it isn’t from me. Here is the free software so you can check it out:

    Amazon and Overstock have now heard about the MyShoppingGenie and are working on an affiliate program just so they can be apart of this too. Now can you start too see the power, technology, income potential with MyShoppingGenie – Ebay, Amazon, and Overstock does?

  6. thewahmshack Says:

    I suggest joining some reputable work-at-home forums/communities where you can review or join in conversations with others in the same situation. Some good forums are:

    Also, read some articles here about working at home, choosing wah opportunities, starting a home-based business, scams & more:

    Good luck to you!

  7. kun j Says:

    You can apply for freelance writing, bookkeeping, software, transcription, online tuition or customer service work at home jobs. These companies do not require any fee and pay well . List of companies(with websites) offering genuine work at home jobs is available at . Many of these companies have been in business for several years

  8. mb Says:

    Yes, I can assist you with that. This company is the Leader in the “Consumer Driven” healthcare industry, has been in business since 1992. They are D&B listed, have the highest ranking possible with the US Chamber of Commerce, and they partner with Fortune 500 companies. (Fortune 500 companies only partner with businesses that are legit!) They have over 2M members, and 60,000 home workers nationwide, with over 400,000 healthcare providers.

    Requirements are that you have internet access, telephone, and a true desire to help others. There is no cold calling or telemarking involved, and you will receive free dental, vision, prescription, and chiropratic when you work with this company.

    For additional detail, and/or to request a phone interview:

    Ideal for a stay at home mom!

  9. Roger G Says:

    I have signed up for a few over the years. Many are frauds based on an OK concept. What I saw a lot of was them wanting more money to tell you one more piece of information.

    I recently purchased a start-up business kit from. I have been happy with it. I paid just over $150 for it. They taught me how to become a ticket broker for concert and sporting events. There is good money in it. I am not spending enough time with it to make tons, but I brought in over $400 last month doing it part time. The best thing they give you is a weekly event listing and presale passwords.

    If being a ticket broker has no interest to you, then look into something else. If it does, this is a good place. What I like best is there is value and no one is asking for any more money yet they still provide you data to run your business.

    I do everything online so your coputer skills will come in handy.

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