what paid surveys can i subscribe to to earn extra cash for free?

marjory asked:

i would like to take online surveys were i can earn some extra cash
im only 15 which surveys can i do

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  1. Tommy Says:

    Hey try if you want. Don’t believe when people tell you can make $75 on one survey because thats unreasonable. My site is less survey, and actually you just review a website in 3 short sentences. and get paid $4 for it. Sound like a good idea? It did to me and now makes me extra money every month! Hope you check it out. Feel free to E-mail me with any questions.

  2. Chris Says:

    Most survey companies will not accept you unless you are 18 or older – sorry

  3. James Says:

    Some survey websites post surveys as their available and allow you to attempt to qualify, others will e-mail you specific surveys which are targeted for you. On average I receive 3-4 surveys within the course of two days per survey site. Less for some, more for others.

    Similarly, they all send out payment differently.

    Some survey websites such as pinecone research send you a check immediately after completing each survey, so you end up getting a whole bunch of 3 $ checks.

    Most survey websites pay on demand however. They set up a minimum payout, 10$ on most sites, and once you hit at least 10$ you can request a check at any time you’d like.

    And it’s not only okay to apply for more then one survey website, it’s EXACTLY what you want to do. The more survey websites you sign up for the more surveys you’ll get. What you DON’T want to do is to sign up for the same survey site twice, because then you’ll be cheating the particular company by filling out the same surveys twice. There’s nothing that says you can’t sign up for different companies (different websites) however – it’s something I do and I make a lot more money that way.

    There’s a list of survey websites on this website

  4. Ron D Says:

    There are plenty of legit survey sites out there. Check the age requirements before signing up but most of these sites should be available to you. If you are looking for cash payout, your best bet is to find the ones paying through PayPal, then get yourself a PayPal debit card so you have quick access to the CASH. But don’t limit yourself just to the survey sites, you can earn cash online just for reading emails, taking surveys and reviewing websites. You will never get rich but it is possible to build a sustainable monthly income with a little persistence and creativity. Anyone who tells you to join this “One” free site for a great monthly income is kidding you and themselves. The keys to making any kind of money with these programs are:
    1) NEVER pay to join a program/site!!!
    2) Join multiple programs/sites
    3) Refer others
    4) Be creative, use FREE ads to gain referrals
    5) Be persistent, this income is built, not created!!

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