what kind of home based business can I do to help my family?

daydreamer asked:

Is there any legitimate home based business for Stay at home mom. I am stuck in the house the whole day since we do not have a second car. I do not have money to invest. What kind of home business do you guys do? Anyone willing to share ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

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  1. JoAnn Says:

    I love the home business I got involved with 7 months ago and it’s been great for me because I can stay home with my 2 1/2 year old. We don’t have “startup” cost but we do pay a monthly overhead fee of only $50.00, which covers everything we receive from the Company. If you like, please take a look at our website and request an interview if you would like additional information.

  2. double t Says:

    I would like to share but you have to understand that all businesses require an investment of some kind, my product teaches people how to access the legal system with out a lot of money with a great coverage plan

  3. spamissatanic Says:

    what do you plan to do
    to create value?

    Do you have any special skills?

    This “work-at-home” thing has become a target for SCAMS
    BEWARE, you see something in excess of 99% of ALL of the offers on the internet for “work-at-home” employment are BOGUS,
    now do you really want to embark on the needle in a haystack search to find the REAL opportunity and are they hiring and did you find the real opportunity or yet another SCAM?

    NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE! don’t waste your time!

  4. Floyd Says:

    yes ,check out the website it show you how

  5. Kevin A Says:

    You might check this site out: . You get $1 for every ad click that you make, you have to view the ad for 10 seconds and go to the next. You will have approx. 25-40 ads per day to view for 10 seconds each, very very easy! They will pay you out when you reach $1000 and I reached that in less than a month. This is a good legit online business!

  6. samran Says:

    If you don’t have money to invest then you can go for Online Home Based Internet Business. There are plenty of opportunity in the online world to make some extra or good amount of cash. I know too many womens that are doing great with their online home based business. Like Jennifer, Kelly Stone are few names.

    Opportunities are endless you just need right program and guidelines to succeed. Just Remember one thing that in the internet world you have to learn to earn and that is the only truth.

    Don’t join any program that tell you to make you rich overnight. These type of programs are not legitimate. Don’t join any program that ask money. There are plenty of free ways like Adsense, Affiliate Programs or Surveys.

  7. Sumit K Says:

    I suggest you to start any business that is related to art and crafts. It will not cost you too much. Here is the complete resource related to crafts home based business:

    I hope it will help you.

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