Does anybody know where I can find some good work at home jobs?

elbellasera asked:

I’m interested at starting to work at home and am looking for any jobs that require you to work from home. I don’t know exactly where to look. I’ve had some leads that seem pretty legit but I need some more because I’m not sure if its going to work out with these particular work at home jobs. I want to know if possibly there’s a web-site or something I could look at on the internet that I could apply for a legit work at home job.

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  1. specter22pgm Says:

    i read emails at home with my kids and get paid to do it. its really simple and doesnt cost anything…. i dont trust websites that want money. so i ended up at hits4pay. no sign up fees and it doesnt promise youll make thousands a day. its slow going at first. you get paid $10.00 to sign up and $0.02 per email you read. these emails are not sent to an email address, the website has an internal inbox. (really nice). so i did it for a few days… i averaged about 7-10 emails a day… well $0.20 a day wasnt gonna help. so i started recruiting others. that when you make the big bucks!!! I have 55 people directly under me and 54 people under them… so now lets say that only half of them read their emails everyday (10 emails x 55 people x 0.01) Im making $5.50/day for doing nothing!!!! Thats $170.50/month FOR FREE!!! But why wouldnt everyone read the emails??? You get paid to sit at home and look at advertisements!!! You do this while you watch t.v.? and you dont get paid!!!!
    im also looking into other websites that have no sign up fees or any other fees… i let all my referrals know my findings good and bad….if you do decide to sign up please join my team via my yahoo 360 page or this link below…
    hope this helps:)

    p.s. Hits4pay just started a sister company. Its pretty much the same concept as above but you get paid $0.02-$0.05 per email and $0.02 for each email your first level reads. Heres that link….

    Join both and refer for both to make extra money. Good Luck

  2. mueller_lm Says:

    you should try the website that i have listed below.. my step mom is working for them.. its a wellness company.. they sell all different kinds of stuff (cleaning products, vitamins, makeup, shampoo, etc.) all of these products that they sell contain this oil thats found in nature called melaleuca oil. And these products are healthier than the products that you use everyday (example: cleaning products are chemicals.. melaleuca cleaning products contain no chemicals and do an even better cleaning job then leading brands.) you get paid by selling your products (door to door, melaleuca parties, on the Internet, etc.) and you also get paid by getting people to work under you (posting ads on the Internet, talking to family and friends, etc.)

    good luck… i hope you find the right one!!!!

  3. zyann0102 Says:

    if you click on my avatar there are a few links I have made work for myself…. they really do work and don’t cost you a cent… just email once you have signed up and I will give you all my tips and techniques to help you start making money… I am knew to it as well but been doing it two months and it started working and earning me money the first day… check em’ out.

  4. atlantagolfshop Says:

    eBay is a good option. You can work on your schedule and do as much as you need or want to. You can fit eBay in around other things in your life. I am an eBay Silver Level Powerseller and have sold 12,000 items on ebay. My monthly profit averages $3500.

    This will help if you are new to eBay selling-

    Best of luck to you!

  5. maybe l Says:

    This website offers work from home. They also have a links page with more info and other programs. You can also add your own links….

    Some free and some have a small fee.

  6. CSK S Says:

    Oh well thats a gud idea to work at home but let me warn you that there are so many spams on the net that its almost impossible to find a genuine home job on net. So 1st thing u always have to bear in mind is u SHUD NOT PAY EVEN A PENNY TO ANYONE FOR THIS PURPOSE NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING.please do not coz if any company asks you for payment then its gonna be 99% a scam i had fallen for 2 of them that too twice and got cheated…. Now i do a job at home without paying anyone anything. i dont think anyone has to pay anyone for doing a job for them. I really had to struggle myself to get this job so i would like to help every one who wants my help. I got my jobs from the following sites hope these sites work for you too..

  7. Cindy Says:

    Hi there, Rather than try to sell you my opportunity I am going to give you some sites where you can find great work at home leads. As someone said above me, You should never have to pay for a JOB,A business opportunity maybe but not a job. I noticed 2 Mela reps posting answers to this, No offense to Mela , I have been with them for over a year but it is a business opportunity not a JOB and it does require a small start-up fee.
    Anyway,, It sounds like you are looking for a work at home JOB so here is some links that may be helpful for you, I use them everyday even though I have many work at home jobs because you never know when that perfect one for you will appear/
    Here is the sites and most are updated daily!

    Here are some of the best legitimate ones in my opinion:

    I personally love the 3rd one! I have found some awesome jobs listed there! Good Luck in your search!

  8. Acordray Says:

    I am an Independent consultant for Arbonne International. Arbonne is truly a gift that has changed my life. The earning potential is enormous and you also get to help others create their dream life as well. Arbonne is expanding Internationally in April, which will make it possible to work your business on the internet.
    It is not a get-rich-quick kind of business – if you are willing to work – you will be rewarded generously.
    Feel free to email for more info.

  9. Answers Addict Says:


    Here is a link for a new & unique home based income opportunity

    It is a simple plan that not only gives you potential for earning lots of money, it can also save you money each month by providing discounts on name brand items you may already purchase quite often.

    The start up fees are very reasonable when you consider it includes your own personalized websites, along with automatically tracking your progress. The discounts alone could easily pay for the program, so have have minimal risk with chance for high rewards if you are willing to take action.

    Please click the link above & take the free tour. I will gladly explain more if you are interested : )

    Best Wishes for a $uce$$ful future !

  10. freelancetx Says:

    This website has work at home job listings.

  11. vagirlheather Says:

    Check out my profile.

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