How can I earn extra cash modeling?

JenniFire asked:

Honestly, I’ve never really wanted to be a model. I’m 21 years old. And I’m not very tall (just 5′6″). But I have a nice body and a pretty face. If I do say so myself. I’ve just been thinking I could probably make some extra money modeling. How do I get started?

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  1. M**A Says:

    Another way to supplement your income in an incredibly time efficient way is to model – WAIT KEEP READING! I know what you’re probably thinking – “I’m too old”, “I’m too fat”, “Trust me, I’m no Tyra Banks” – well that’s fine! Now-a-days you don’t have to be Paris-Hilton-skinny or 6 foot tall to make descent money by modeling. There’s jobs available for every race, height, weight and there’s openings for male and female models.

    All of these very tall and slender models you see only do one kind of work and that is run way modeling. They wear (mostly hideous) clothing produced by “cutting edge” designers and parade up and down run ways all over the world for big bucks. The reason they are paid so much is because their features are rare. It’s not easy to find women that are that amazingly tall and boney. BUT there’s plenty of other kinds of modeling that those of us with normal figures can participate in. The best jobs available to us are print modeling (aka “print work) and participating in other independent jobs.

    Print work is the kind of modeling that is used in magazines, calendars or even store papers. Many times publishers need “average joes” to model for them. But sometimes they even have specifications that could work in your favor, such as they may be looking for heavy set men, women over 40 or even pregnant women.

    The pay for these jobs is pretty good, it can range from $15/hr to 100+/hr, depending on what your involvement is with that particular photo shoot. And for the most part the shoots are super fun. I have done modeling for many, many years now and I’ve made some excellent money off of it. In addition to the money you can usually talk the photographer into throwing you a few of the prints for free so you can add them to your portfolio.

    I think my favorite part of making extra money by modeling (besides the money) is seeing the end result. It’s absolutely amazing just how great the touch up artists can make you look! You go to the photoshoot usually without makeup, your hair not done and I wear my pajamas. Then you see your photos a few weeks later and you look like a real, genuine centerfold! And its kinda funny because you can look at the photos of yourself and realize how much editing they actually did. They remove any blemishes, make you slimmer, get rid of a crease here and a roll there, make your skin look flawless and tan, add lighting FX…it’s awesome. After you model a few times you kind of lose respect for all the models you see in magazines because you realize they actually look normal its just the skill level of the graphic artist that makes them “that” beautiful!

  2. madison lowrey Says:

    i think you should start modeling classes at your nearest modeling school and then go from there they usually uttend shows and thats when youll get noticed.

  3. west Says:

    Never pay for modeling classes. They are normally a scam.

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