Surveys: Are they a scam or good way to earn extra cash?

sprklksss asked:

So I was watching the Tyra Banks Show and I was listening that there are some websites where you can get money or prizes for your opinion… now I’ve read stories online where people get played and loose money. What should I look out for and is there some websites I can go that are safe?

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  1. cstanek42 Says:

    Most of these are scams. Anything that wants money up front from you and “promises” huge amounts of cash is a scam. Old saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

    If you find something that you want to pursue, just do a ton of research and NEVER give them money up front. There might be a legit one or two out there but most are scams.

    Edit: All of these posts before mine in this question ARE scams.

  2. kapn Says:

    I have hundreds of friends and associates. None of the guys/girls have ever made any money on these on line ventures. If they would have they would be talking about it and I would be in on it

  3. Brittany Says:

    im actually doing some surveys and i really like the ones that im doing…
    ive been doing this one for a couple of days and love it so far…and i like the se survey to you can message me if you like to sign up for…i don’t have money to give away and ive never spent a dime on any of the site im making money from…those are just scams…watch out

  4. Antonia R Says:

    Most are scams and lots of work for nothing.

  5. louie o Says:

    Well honestly I don’t know if a Tyra Banks show would have something that it’s advertising be a scam. BUT, you never know. I’ve done online survey’s and been paid and won prizes though. I was referred from a commercial on foxnews though for I started there and they lead me to other legit sites like and a few others. Start with BigSpot though if you’re interested. I personally didn’t have the patience to do surveys all the time though :( but you can get cool stuff if you do! :)

  6. r0y Says:

    The smart thing to do is to only join the sites that are free to use. No person would seriously pay to take boring surveys. I’m not old enough to get a job until next year so I rely on online surveys to make some extra money.

  7. Kellogg Elab Says:

    Yes, you have to be very careful.

    A lot of the posts BEFORE mine are scams…

    But I’m a research assistant at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and we run online research studies to investigate decision-making and consumer preferences.

    Participants get paid in $20-25 gift cards to major online retailers, or $10/hour, depending on the length of the study.

    It’s easy to do, and definitelyyy legitimate since we operate at one of the nation’s top business schools here in Chicago.

    You can sign up for notifications of upcoming participation opportunities here:

    Good luck!

  8. Andrew Says:


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