Where can I find legitimate work at home program?

tawanna asked:

I’m really good at data entry, data processing, and freelance writing. So something in those categories would probably work best. Please Help. I’m a stay at home mom with a five month old and a seven year old autistic child and cannot leave home to work. Thanks so much!

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  1. vbianchini Says:

    You will need to spend some time looking at each, but there are a few legitimate work at home options you can explore. Depending on your skill level you can even sign yourself up at a site like elance.com to bid on small jobs you can do at home.

    Virtual assistant, Medical transcriptionist, Call center representative are a few of the ones mentioned in the article link attached. Also, try visiting a site like workitmom.com to ask other stay at home moms what’s been working for them.

  2. benzene Says:

    Some are scams. But try this.NO INVESTMENT EVER. payments at 20th of every month bu cheque, dd, paypal etc.The job is simple,just filling forms. For each referral you get Rs 5 to Rs.405. Registration is also free. Join now itself. I shall give my referral id. Click it and join.When you join you will get Rs.100 as bonus.

  3. bloomdrop Says:

    Hey there. I have yet to find a legitimate work at home data entry job. I’m at around 85wpm so I would scoop that up! But no….

    And I’ve been researching all the legitimate work at home offers for years. Freelance writing I can help you with!! I’m actually doing that right now. There are many sites you can write for. Some pay up front, some pay by views, and there’s one I’m actually ‘working’ for.

    I’ve listed a couple of links for you to check out. The first is a page filled with legitimate ways to make money freelance writing. I think you’d be best checking out Associated Content, Constant Content and eHow. Email me for details on Writers4You. That’s the one I’m actually ‘working’ for.

    Also, I’ve left a link to a blog with a ton of legitimate opportunities. Take your pick!

  4. chere Says:

    Check out this site

    You can earn passive income without advertising, product promotion or selling anything.

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