What could I do to earn extra cash in the evenings at home?

coca cola asked:

We’re so poor at the minute, in spite of working full time. My hubby is a chef and works every evening so I have to stay at home (otherwise I’d do bar work) – what can I do to help bring in some cash?

Sensible answers please!!


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  1. J Says:

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  2. katemitchelmore Says:

    I dont know of any stay-at-home jobs that will make you a serious second income. There are ways you can get a bit of extra cash here and there.
    (or co.uk) which pays you 3p-15p for reviewing songs by unknown artists. The better the review, the more they pay you. It gets me a little extra every month and they pay me into a paypal account without fail.

    Also, instead of using google, or whichever search engine you use, there is a site that pays you 2p for every search you do. I know its not much, but every little helps and I have earned over

  3. Mary B Says:

    Unless you have some special talent or certification (for teaching online, developing websites, etc.), these work at home deals on the Internet are usually scams.

    Remember that there are 2 ways to make money: earn more OR spend less.

    Are you and husband eating out a lot? If so, it’s much cheaper to eat most of your meals at home. You could spend some evenings cooking meals that you can put in the freezer (like spaghetti sauce, etc.) or making lunches so that the two of you eat out less.

    You could clip coupons at night. That way you spend less so you actually have more money. Obviously, you only want to cut out coupons for things that you normally would buy anyway.

    Could you babysit for a couple of hours at night? What about a craft that you could make? Do you have any specific skills that you might use to earn money? Try brainstorming for things that could earn you money.

  4. Nathan Says:

    You need to be careful when asking Q’s like this on ya because you will get loads of people telling you how great their scheme is and why don’t you join up, but the truth is they are trying to make money out of you. The travel agent above claims it’s a multi million pound bussiness, but if you check his url with alexa you’ll see he doesn’t have a traffick ranking. You can hardly make millions with no site visitors. The sites that pay little are genuine, but the effort involved is enormous, and hardly worth it, so you’re better off finding a home based business. Whatever you do on the internet will involve great effort and will not start you earning immediately.

  5. Steve D Says:

    I agree with Nathan ignore the links to the get rich quick schemes there a con.

  6. ? Says:

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  7. javaidanwar37 Says:

    There are quite a few out there. See:
    You should be able to find some work at home jobs there.

  8. Bakula Says:

    There are some really good companies out there who hire people to work from home. I am a Mum of 4 and have been working from home for a while. Its possible to find companies without fees or upfront charges.

    I looked for a very long time before I found the company I’m with today I will tell you that it is a lot of work and it takes committment.

    This website contains a list of some companies that may be hiring, also also some general information on working at home and data entry etc.

    Take the time to find something you enjoy doing from home and something you believe in because you do not want your home to become a prison that you just do not want to work in.

  9. javaidanwar48 Says:

    I was doing hard work of finding home based jobs.
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