How to be productive at work and home?

John asked:

Why is it whenever I’m at work I am productive but when I get home I’m lazy and is hard to do what is needed. It feels like its impossible to do a simple task without zoning out. How do I fix this so that I can be more motivated to do stuff that needs to be done?

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  1. affect_ive1 Says:

    I am guessing you would appreciate a very honest answer so I am about to tell you: pay yourself a little at the end of the day when those things at home have been done. Put a few dollars away for yourself if the motivation might be economic advantage. At work you must produce for a boss, but being your own boss over daily responsibilities much tougher if no money comes into play.

    I kid you not the average person does not reward themself enough and falls into a miserable trap of wanting to be owed but never actually getting the compensation. So reward yourself after the chores and you will see how much easier it is to get through them . . .

    sharing the light and seeing you enjoying that hot bath and invigorating aromatherapy now that the taxes are filed and you can relax . . . hee hee !

    Miss Erica Hidvegi

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