How to advertise online for a home based business opportunity to the US Market?

Dave M asked:

I’ve got a great programme that I’ve joined that’s making me about $2,500 a week.

However I’d like to increase my income by advertising in the US market as well to my site. I’m currently travelling on business and as such don’t have much time do check up on this.

For further details, you can check out the website at:

Any of you got any ideas how I can go about advertising for my online home based business?

Any ideas would be good such as online or other channels but please give me links to which avenues I can use.

Thank you Very Much!

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  1. freedomnow1950 Says:

    Hmmm! This sounds suspiciously like a cloaked advertisement.

    However, I will take your question at face value. I have three suggestions: 1) pay per click advertising works worldwide if done right. Open up a Google adwords account for the US, plus an Overture account (Yahoo). That will get you over 90% visibility of sponsored searches for the US. If you are not sure how to maximize your ppc marketing without losing your shirt financially, hire a company to set up and monitor the accounts for you. I’m currently using WPromote.

    2) The more targeted your leads, the better. There are lead companies that cater to mlm’s, and even though the leads may not be company specific (the best) at least they can be genre specific. My favorite lead company is Cutting Edge Media which will do a US or US and Canada only so you will be sure to reach your target market.

    3) The easiest way to build your downline is to recruit other network marketers. There are lots of US companies that sell genealogy (mlm) leads for as little as 5c a lead. You get a lot of disconnected numbers, but what you recruit will not have to be trained or supervised. Many times, one person will bring his or her entire downline with him and you benefit big time. Do a Google for genealogy leads US. Good luck!

  2. ZorbaZiv Says:

    Wait… “the Net and Network Marketing”?? Catch-22??

    Those two should go together, hand-in-glove. And yet, Network Marketers have struggled to realize the near-infinite networking, lead-generating potential of the Web.

    How can that be?

    Network Marketing (sometimes called “Multi-Level Marketing” or “MLM” or

  3. bigwin138 Says:


    Intro to Home Biz Blog » Other – Advertising & Marketing…

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