How do you start a internet home based business from stretch?

dickson asked:

Is there any avenue that I can start my internet home based business from home without any experience. And technical skill whatsoever cause I heard that you can make money with it. But had no idea to start off. Thank if anyone could give sound advice.

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  1. Jenny F Says:

    Are you working in a full time job as well? You may not have a lot of time to devote to your online business, so think carefully about that – also how much money you have available as many opportunities require an initial investment.

    My websites will give you some good ideas about businesses you could try and also the training and resources you will need to be successful.

    Sendoutcards is a good example of a homebased business with a product everyone uses.

    or go straight to my Sendoutcards site here

    Jenny Fletcher

  2. ipodforhumans Says:

    well there is several ways. the esyest to start is to use some Affiliate program. In programs like this you earn money to promote products and services – online. To be part from a such kind of program you even dont need to have any programming or marketing experience.
    Program like this is : . You dont need a wabsite too. The good thing about this program is that you have all learning materials given – free.

    hope this helps

  3. buylessgasinfo Says:

    I have my own home based business and it is doing very well. I had no technical skill either but it was very simple to start. Feel free to check out my website and decide for yourself if this is right for you. My website is


  4. mewsic_enterprises Says:

    Hi Dickson,

    so many good points have been made so I’ll just add this:

    if you’ve never owned/operated a business of any kind before you’ll want to make sure what ever HomeBiz Op you get into provides full training for marketing, support for sales and any technical issues you encounter, a complete turn-key web site (meaning it’s ready for sales when you start), relevant products that are useful/have real value for your customers and so on.

    There are a number of very solid Home Biz Companies and some you should RUN from fast. Take your time to discover what type of Home Biz venture really interests you and get as much information about the Company(s) that meet your criteria. Also, do your best to find the leaders in that company and you get yourself hooked up with a mentor/sponsor who really has a solid track record in that HomeBiz, business in general and has a commitment to service (as in they will be around to help you when you hit a snag, there to collaborate and bounce ideas off of…).

    What this means is DON’T BE IN A HURRY to make a decision too quickly. Invest in quality and you really can and will make a fantastic income.

    For the “what to look out for” check out Cynthia Howards web site:

    And here’s another very good article —->

    I’ll also include a link to the Home Business I am in for your consideration —> .

    As an entrepreneur with a offline business my Home Biz company really helped me learn new skills to market and grow my customer base. Now I have two businesses that make very good money!

    I wish you the best of success in your new venture :-)

  5. Brady E Says:

    I’m glad you asked. SFI Marketing is an established company that has many offers for individuals to start a Home Based Business.

    This is just one of the many options you can choose, but I recommend taking a look at it and join SFI for free and then I will personally help you get your business going.

  6. k24mart Says:

    When you get started looking and deciding make sure its a business where you can help others while helping yourself and make sure it has a good backbone. Everyone wants to be healthy…thanks Kimberly

  7. mak doodle Says:

    check some of the the links on my website for info.

    You can also look around my site – its new and inprogress but as others have said it takes time and effort. I have a vision at to develop a number of sites that provide information on a number of topics. But it takes a lot longer to develop then you might think.

    good luck

  8. April S Says:

    Figure out what you want to do, what will you enjoy doing, what you want out of a business, why you want a business? Once you have this figured out start doing your research. Research is SO important in this industry. There is a lot of great opportunityes but unfortunately there is also a lot of junk. So just be careful and thoroughly check out whatever business you are interested in before making any committment or investment. This is a good place to get some ideas from other people in the industry… so this is a start. Research is the key and just find something that will make you happy! :) I have experience with this and would be happy to help. Email me anytime. Good Luck!

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