What are the top home based business ideas with minimum start up costs?

Trillium asked:

Has anyone been successful with starting a moderately successful home based business with little to no start up costs? How long have you had it? And is it worth the effort?

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  1. thormale Says:

    The easiest way to make money online is by selling a product that can be delivered electronically. There are no shipping or fulfillment costs eating away at your revenue. Electronic products are easy to produce and it is not necessary to get anything published. Selling software online is excellent because new software is always necessary. Programmers at local colleges come cheap, if you have the funds. If you do not have extra funds, cut them a profit for the first two years. You will still earn more than your expenses.

    What other businesses can be started with little or no money? Here are a few examples:

    House and Office Cleaning Business
    Laundry Business
    Alteration Service
    Pet Sitting or Walking
    Personal Chef
    Court Paper Server
    Resume and Document Writer

    It all depends on you and what skills you have and what you enjoy doing and are good at.

  2. pecksgrl Says:

    Hey! I work as a consultant for this company. I’ve been doing it for a couple months now and I really do think it is worth it. You don’t have to pay anything at all. That’s one thing I LOVED about it. You can try it and if you don’t like it….never have to deal with it again. Go to to sign up. Good luck!

  3. Donny Says:

    My answer for you is totally FREE, and I don’t even get paid for saying it (unlike so many other FREE advices). I wrote several books and published them at . Since my profit has been about $4 per book and I’ve sold just under 5,000 of them, my income so far this year has been just under $20,000.

    The “how to publish” is at their site, but best of all its free until you place an order for your book – now that’s cool because I don’t have to carry inventory. If someone orders a book I have lulu.com print 1 or 1000’s. Of course the more I buy the cheaper. Although a good fiction book potentially can sell more books for you, it is also harder to break into that market. My books have all been non-fiction and reached for a relatively specialized market – with some success, but taken time to develop.

    I realize this is one idea that doesn’t generate money over night and takes a lot of effort to do, but I might warn you that I’ve investigated a lot of internet type businesses and NONE of them are the get rich things they claim to be up front.

    Good luck in your quest

  4. FFIDrive Says:

    In my experience you got to sell something thats highly consumable, and everybody wants. I have been in 2 Nutritional companies but its hard… You know that selling and marketing industry has made the most millionaires. I got introduced to a company that helps us (me and you and everybody reading this) save money on fuel costs, fuel is something that the average Joe spends about $200-$300 a month on, (check your self, how much do you spend) well if you can slice off about 25% off that do you think people would be interested?

    Results are amazing see for your self ( you can start for under $70 a year, you get your own website)

  5. frank b Says:

    Listen to this 800-394-6919.It is about 8minutes and tell me what you think. Get started for less than 100.00 dollars..

  6. dacrmn Says:

    You can join Fuller Brush for FREE at see the products at I am in a very small town
    and usually sell about $100 a month. I know thats not much but its enough to get my products for free. I just sent in a $180 order this month. I have been with them for 3 years.
    I also just started a new one called Mineral Girlz I am hoping
    to do well with that.

  7. vrtual_assistant Says:

    I am a virtual assistant and work from home. I specialise in secretarial and transcription work, but a VA can specialise in a myriad of areas. This is a low start up cost business as most of what I needed I already had, pc, internet connection, use freeware whereever possible, etc. I make a proper living from home working around my kids now. I found this great resources site geared towards those wishing to become virtual assistants.

  8. melody k Says:

    Finally a HBB Free to Join! No start up Cost, Ever! Ask me how! Reply to this post!

  9. Initial S Says:

    Ever heard of Agloco? Agloco is a global economic network that is entirely owned by its members and growing fast recently. Surfing the internet for 5 hours a month, you can get paid fixed income estimated $150. After sign up, you download the free viewbar, a tool of accumulating your time, and enjoy surfing the net as usual. Simple work and good to make money for your spare time. To make more money, it depends on your effort how many friends you refer and how much time you are given by them(maximum 1.2 hours for each). As it is still beta open period, you need to be patient for the payment which will be given after August. Agloco never asks you to pay or buy anything which means NO RISK at all. Free to join, no investment, and no need credit card and specific career. If you are interested, check out the source link below and read thoroughly how the system of Agloco works.

  10. Lisa D Says:

    Hi! I came across a business called My Power Mall, if you haven’t heard about it, check out this link and there is an audio that explains how it works.

    It is completely FREE. Fun & easy to promote.

    Another great business I’m involved in is EDC. You can sign up for free and let the owners train you. It’s awesome, big money being made. Here is a website where you can get info:

    Good Luck!

  11. SandraD Says:

    I started my Mary Kay business 3 years ago and i Love it! Yes it certainly is worth the effort or I wouldn’t be doing it. It is not get rich quick you need to work to be successful anything worth having needs work. I work as little as 5 hours a week however you need to treat it like a business.

  12. Bryce Says:

    I am not sure what the top businesses are, but I am sick and tired of seeing the same things all the time. There are many right answers already listed here, but I solved the problem by creating my own consumable product. I am now looking for distributors to handle thier local community. Projections indicate local earnings upwards of $80,000 a year. Anyone interested can contact me at

  13. Jennee B Says:

    Several months ago I was wondering the same thing. I didn’t have much money and my friend told me about Two Sisters Gourmet. I didn’t really like to cook and I didn’t have much time, but I am so glad that I decided to join. Two Sisters Gourmet is a totally different company because we actually have an interactive pary experience, where the guests become cooks for the night. Friends and family get together, choose from one of our menus, and have an exciting party cooking and socializing together. My first party I made $125 in two hours. Things have been moving up ever since. Everyone wants to have a TSG party because the food is great and it sells itself, everyone loves to eat! The cost for the kit is $140 or $80 and for every show that you have you earn 5% in business credits so that you don’t eat up your profit buying more products, it’s more than enough to cover your expenses. It is definitely worth the effort, my self esteem and determination to do better each time have changed my life and outlook on a dead end job. My website is You will not find any negative information about Two Sisters Gourmet, just research it!

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