Any simple ideas how I can earn extra cash monthly?

minnie mouse asked:

I am a permanent employee at a debt collection company and my salary sucks.Also I have 2 kids, and the father just lost his job and wont b able to pay maintenance for x-time. I am 29 weeks pregnant, cant look for another job now. My current bf is suporting us, but I know he struggles and I can help little from my side. I will really like to help more. Any ideas on how to earn an additional income>

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  1. b m Says:

    you could start delivering newspapers in the early morning. they always need more people. you just drive in a neighborhood throwing papers out of your car. start a snow cone stand or you could start slangin crack haha kiddin on that one

  2. shadow49666 Says:

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  3. KerJin Says:

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  4. MekaMeeks Says:


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