To all single parent, being busy at home and at work. How to avoid stress so that we can maintain our beauty?

ann asked:

Being busy at work and at home(trying to be a perfect parent). No more time for gym and saloons and malling. It’s my stress free activities before. What are the alternative ways in order to avoid stress? Help! Thanks a lot and God bless!

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6 Responses to “To all single parent, being busy at home and at work. How to avoid stress so that we can maintain our beauty?”

  1. GOD DAM IT Says:

    smoke a doobie in the bath with good music babes x

  2. Lady for Humanity Says:

    Make time for yourself and make time to laugh everyday!

  3. abitmishmash Says:

    a) Reconcile with the Father so 2 of you can bring up the child as required= less stress.
    b) Find the childs Father. (refer to a) for explenation).
    c) You have a child now= responsability. If you have no time for anything else, get over it. Situations change, a child is a big situation.
    d) Try and keep knickers on to prevent birth of another child that will interfer in ones busy ‘beauty’ schedule.
    e) Why are you stressed with a child? Is the most amazing thing that can happen. To relieve stress see a) and b)

  4. Tiss Says:

    Exercise with your kids. Go for walks, bike rides, to the park, swimming at the Y, etc. Let your nails go for now. Stay away from the mall. You’ll only feel bad looking at all the stuff you want, but can’t afford because of the kids. Kids grow up so fast – don’t miss it trying to look good. Good health is beautiful on it’s own, and taking care of your kids well can be rewarding on it’s own. Good luck.

  5. Barry H Says:

    Hi Ann,

    Being continually beautiful and desirable are the joys of a woman’s heart. Right ?. How to avoid stress? Or how to avoid the negative effects of stressors in our lives ?

    The key is to have as much control over your situations as is possible. Having control always is a stress reducer, isn’t it?

    Secondly, growing in your self -confidence and self-esteem is key to be stress resistant. How to do this?

    Simple, challenge yourself to do increasingly ’scary’ things. Eg. work smarter to keep on top of house duties including the kids and get it all done for 1 day then 2 days etc.

    I started a new job which required that I jump in the ‘deep end’ initially. Stress went up but I knew I could do it. And I did, I managed ok under stress for 5 weeks, then came the holidays. Now I believe I have more options.

    Best of luck and remeber you are beautiful and you can manage, yes you can, yes you can, yes you can! And go easy on yourself.

    Love in Him (Jesus Christ)


    “Everything is possible for him/her who believes” . Jesus meant ‘everything’ that is humanly possible. And ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ You can always behold yourself and your life as beautiful’ It’s all a matter of perspective.

  6. lovelorn Says:

    Single parenthood and working full time too is tough. It takes its toll. Make sure you get your 8 hours or more sleep. Tiredness on top of stress ages you even more so make sure you get your rest. Not much more I can say. It’s hard.

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