What are some tips for finding legitimate work at home jobs?

brandenads asked:

Being that my other question was somehow deleted, I am reasking the question again:

What are some tips on finding legitimate work at home jobs? Please do not point to scams, and I would like to know if anyone has a work-at-home job that they want to let me know about.

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  1. toonie43 Says:

    If you are interested in earning extra cash every month, go to my profile, and check out my blog. There are legit ways to earn money online, which you do not have to pay for. Free to join, so you are free to earn!

  2. girlwhoknowsitstrue Says:

    My advice – don’t believe what anyone tells you – anyone with cash crate or treasure trove or whatever they’re calling it – they plan on having you pay to “join”, and then they get a cut of what you pay in – and your job is to find other people who will pay to join so you can get a cut – it’s a ponzi scam.

    For legit jobs, call center work is most likely one of the better ones – you need a dedicated phone and computer, and someplace where you can work and the people calling you can’t hear the kids – JetBlue and Southwest Airlines use US individuals for their call center – they find that the lack of “accents” most reassuring to their customers.

    BTW, I have a partial work at home job – I go into the office most days, but if my kids are sick or somethings going on, I can work effectively from home – sometimes that’s the best way to end up.

  3. Christopher N Says:

    1.How much do I have to invest up front?
    2.Are there personal purchase quotas?
    3.Do I need experience?
    4.Is there residual income?
    5.Are the products and services something that everyone uses?
    6.How large will my market be?
    7.What is the training like?
    8.What is the company’s top priority?
    9.Does the company have integrity?

  4. just curious Says:

    If you love candles or know anybody who does, then I have a legit job for you. CHeck out my 360 page and blog it’ll tell you a little more about it. It is legit, I researched the company for a month before joining and I’m so glad I did! It doesn’t hurt to check it out. Good Luck

  5. WFH Says:

    If you like to work from home, please click on my avatar or screen name. Check out the 2 sites listed there and you will find some great online job opportunities, money making ideas and free resources to help you get started.

  6. Linda Says:

    There is a Website that you can use to find lots of Legit ideas and choices to earn money working from home. The information is Free, and many of the choices are Free to join.
    For more information, please click on my screen name (Linda) then click on my 360 profile page and look near the top of the page. Make sure you go to the “Additional Income” page of that Website.
    (I can’t post a direct link here because posting a link in an answer is against the rules).

  7. eBay4fun Says:

    eBay is a great option. It is flexible, easy to learn, and you can make good money. If your kids are sick and you don

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