How can i work online at home for internationally?

Admani A asked:

I want to do online work at home on data entry and flash works.
And i want an International website who will give works international and give payment by debit account. Is there any?
What’s your mean and i want a job without investing
I want a data entry job without any invest?

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  1. Spock (rhp) Says:

    your competition for this ‘work’ lives in India and is happy making five US dollars a day.

    consequently, I doubt there is any honest way.

  2. theosharatos Says:

    There certainly is an honest international company, so never give up your search because you have to go through a lot before you find the right thing. From experience.

  3. Charles Says:


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  4. Puu J Says:

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  5. Ceil B Says:

    Admani A, I lost my job 7 months ago, but I’ve finally found something I can do in my free time to make some exta money to pay the bills. By no means am I rich, but every dollar helps. Try it yourself.

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