Can I rent a space to use for home-based business?

Sarah G asked:

Without going into tons of detail, I have a home-based daycare and birth services business, my house is getting too crowded w/ my husband now working from home, is renting an apartment to use for home business an option, considering all zoning laws, etc, (assuming of course I found a landlord okay with it)??

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5 Responses to “Can I rent a space to use for home-based business?”

  1. jdecorse25 Says:

    You would have to find out what the zoning laws are in that city, however, why don’t you rent a commercial piece of property?

  2. alterfemego Says:

    Sarah, I would check with the city officals to see what regulations they have on such a business. It could be that an apartment isn’t the correct place to have this kind of business. And of course what did you think these Yahoo’s would know, since you didn’t tell us where you are! lol

  3. Shane Milne Says:

    I don’t see why not, although I am not a specialist on your question. It would be the same as you renting a place to live and setting up a home based business, just that you wouldn’t live there. I have heard laws where you can’t have other employees at a home based business, only yourself/people who live there. Hopefully someone who knows more about this will responsd.

  4. L L Says:

    Home base business in not unconstitutional, is matter if you can take advantage of your tax deduction isn’t it?

  5. sarah W Says:

    maybe for your husbands business but the insurance that is required for a legal day care is intense I dont think you would find a landlord that wanted that kind of liability

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