Are there any low or no cost work at home opportunities that are legit?

amada asked:

I keep running into “work at home” jobs that want money up front or start up fees plus monthly membership. I don’t think I should pay to work at home for someone else. I would really like to have my own business but can’t afford what they are asking for. Can anyone help?

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  1. Guy Says:

    look into Scentsy. its does have a small start up fee but its only for the supplies you need for your business, and there is nothing else more to pay. my wife started with it to stay at home with our 3 kids and loves it. she made her start up fee plus more her first month. Scentsy is a wickless scented candle with over 80 different scents and warmers. people love it because its safe for there home and family. no flame no smoke, no soot. if you would like to know more contact me and i will get you the info you need to check it out more. good luck.

  2. SWWIFL Says:

    Mary Kay, Avon and Tupperware are all reputable companies that allow you to work from home. I believe you do need to purchase your initial demonstration kit from Mary Kay, but the cost is more to show that you are interested enough for the company to spend money training you.

    There are some data entry type positions that come up occasionally-my cousin types up transcripts for a family doctor at home.

  3. albamars Says:

    I saw your post Amada. I can show you a low cost start up business opportunity that has to do with marketing domains and websites. If you are serious about business, email me at ..this opportunity is risk free and low cost. You can also reach me at. I look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Lisa Says:

    You’re smart to be wary of the different offers that are out there. You are right that you shouldn’t pay to work for someone else. However, when you’re looking at owning your own home business, there is usually a fee for the starter kit. Most of the companies have such a kit. I paid $99 to become a consultant with Scentsy, but it gave me all I needed to start my own business.

    What’s important is for you to find your passion. What do you enjoy? If you believe in the company and love the product, then it will show and your business will flourish.

    Good luck! I hope you find the right fit for you.


  5. loreta Says:

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