Why do work at home scams get posted and not removed?

Joe Joe Dancer asked:

But the second you say anything negative about their advertisers it gets pulled.

Why doesn’t Yahoo ban the IP address of work at home scams?

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  1. World War III Says:

    lol, cause it’s a Yahoo CEO trying to make some extra money

  2. Marlene Says:

    Posters and answerers are in cahoots. I’ve been keeping track and it started with ‘Ways 14 year old girl can make money?’

    Many phrases in different postings of questions/answers are the same, along with the way the amount of money is typed (1100$) The names are similar, usually having an initial and they all started Y!/A around June of this year. Oh, and the catergories are really way off.

    I’ve reported a bunch and sometimes they’re gone in an instant; other times they stay or only the answerer is gone.

    Wait till you read my questions if they try to mess with me now!

    ALWAYS ETHICAL- never a chump

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