Where can I find legitimate work at home programs that do not require membership or start up fees?

uwishuwereme asked:

I’m really good at data entry, data processing, and freelance writing. So something in those categories would probably work best. Please Help. I’m a stay at home mom with a five month old and a seven year old autistic child and cannot leave home to work. Thanks so much!

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  1. c_leoo Says:

    Its hard. Noone wants to give something for free. Some places may let you do data entry from the home. but most that get those postitions were employees already.
    Theres a great new thing I have gotten into and yes takes some work. But you definately have more free and stay at home time.
    market america!
    Google it if you want, theres tons of great things going on.
    Actually j-Lo and marc anthony , are also new partners and they just did a big market america concert… also Market America is sponsering the half time superbowl show!!
    So this is not just some pyrmaid thing! Its real and real people make MONEY!!

  2. Steph Says:

    I know you are looking for a work at home program, I don’t know of a legitimate one although they may be out there. I looked for 4 years, sold product, was scammed, lost money/time/efforts BUT learned some great lessons. It also led me to find the company that offered me an opportunity to have my own busniess from home. I work for the nations largest health/dental care benefits company, from home, with my 2 boys and I MAKE money while helping others do the same and save money on their benefits. I do not cold call, no products, no selling, no bugging friends and family, no door to door….anyway…it’s just a thought….check it out, it may or may not be for you–
    ~Maybe I’ll talk to you one day!

  3. Business in Barnet Says:

    You may want to think of diversifying, that is, doing more than one thing.

    You could become an infopreneur and publish useful information online and monetize the site.

    What do you publish?

    Well, you do have seven years experience of looking after an autistic child. That is very specialised knowledge and you could publish a website that contains information for parents with autistic children.

    Have a look at for the process.

    I hope that helps.

    Business in Barnet

  4. motherof2greatgirls Says:

    You can’t. All the good work from home are really small home business and there are costs envolved. BUT there is hope because this does not mean that you have to pay $500, $1000 or even $2000 to get started working. For me it was less then $95 to start working and ***POOF*** I was a small business owner…working on my own terms from home! After the $95 start up you only pay for your own websites each month and the company covers the rest of your costs! Its great…working for myself and being home with my little ones.


  5. Jenny D Says:

    Hope these job websites can help you.

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