Where can one apply for a work at home position answering incoming calls?

Daniel asked:

I live here in Austin, TX and I wanted to know if there are any positions where I can work at home answering incoming calls maybe as a CSR or some other kind of job. I am not quite sure about the position I am in right now because they just laid off people so I am looking for a job where I can do from home. Don’t want to pay any kinds of fees for the scams on the internet and looking for a real legit work at home job . Do you know any available in my area? Also I would like to work a shift during the day and not overnight or some crazy hours like that?

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  1. dinkylynn Says:

    when you find one please let me know! I haven’t had any luck finding such a job either. Good luck to you!

  2. azeez Says:

    you start your own business or try for some tele caller job.

  3. theosharatos Says:

    There is legit work. TX, Yes, but yahoo doesn’t allow us to relay links but they do allow you to look at our profile and email. Good Luck! Jennifer

  4. paycager Says:



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  5. D J Says:

    This isn’t answering calls, but it is a great way to make some nice part time money.

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