Can my home-based business have a different address than home?

Starr asked:

I am starting-up a home-based, non-retail business in California, but want the business address to be in another nearby city for a variety of reasons. How do I legally do this?

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2 Responses to “Can my home-based business have a different address than home?”

  1. FAshionPassion Says:

    you have to have a physical location is what I was told. I bought a P.O.Box but they said b/c people open credit cards and then commit fraud and stuff you gotta have a physical location.

    Someone might send you a letter after you open your business where for $200 a mo. you can basically have a fake “office” from them and they’ll answer your calls and you can have meetings there and none will be the wiser.

    But for all regular folks that aren’t savy you can just post your P.O.Box on your websites and stuff and most customers can find you that way.

  2. Chris Says:

    You will have to have a address to receive mail – that can be your public address that you share with everyone. For listing your company and applying for company loans/credit cards they will need a physical real address like your home or office.

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